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    crrrThe ScrasdBorn in the 1970’s era of rock, Brett’s love of rock-n-roll started upon hearing Elvis’ Hound Dog. Growing up in a house of music where the likes of Billy Joel, Foreigner and others filled the rooms, he received his first drum set at the age of 7. By his teens, his range of musical interest expanded to Led Zeppelin, RUN DMC, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath and Van Halen. His future had been determined. A Rockstar he would be.
    Guitar lessons, membership in multiple bands and a growing musical taste including Ministry, Metallica, Faith No More, NWA and Mötley Crüe would follow, but things were about to change forever. A friend informed Brett that another friend planned to started a new band like no one had ever seen before. And that they did. Together, they formed BILE.
    A record deal, the release of multiple albums, appearances on the Mortal Kombat's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1995), tours with GWAR, Crowbar, Chemlab and more took BILE to new levels. Lineup changes, the formation of their own label (Bile Style Records) and more albums followed in the coming years, as the group experienced widespread success.
    During this time Brett's skills branched into new areas, as he served as Dee Snider's SMF's Stage Manager and Guitar Tech; a role instrumental in an appearance of BILE in Dee Snider’s Strangeland movie and on the Soundtrack (1998). He went on to log time with Drain STH, who toured with Black Sabbath, System of the Down, Ministry and Filter. Not only was he comfortable in front of the curtain, but he also began to know what it took to be successful behind the curtain.
    Working for Skid Row as Guitar Tech and on tour with KISS and Ted Nugent in 2000, Brett befriended Peter Criss' Drum Tech, who was the drummer for another band. This friendship, after the tour was over, resulted in a move to Hollywood, CA and the opportunity to join Green Jellö (later renamed Green Jellÿ), as a guitar player. His stories of his early days with the band are what legends are made of.
    In parallel with his Green Jellÿ duties, Brett founded his first band since BILE; KREEP. Founded in 2001, KREEP has had Ivan de Prume, from White Zombie, playing drums on the Lead Us Not album and tour, and a video for the song Bloodletting featuring none other than Metal Sanaz. He was a member of Vibrater, which released New Era of Terror in 2017, and founded a new band, Messiah 9ine, formed in 2022 with a new album, The Scripture, set to be released soon. In the past, Brett was often seen performing as a member of both Curbside Assistance and Stereo Assassin. Truly no rest for the wicked.
    Today, the bands are going strong and his Tech & Crew services have been seen on tour with Skid Row, Lordi and an increasing number of dates for Tesla. He also forges ahead with 4King Video, a company he founded, that specializes in video production and custom/handmade puppets; something that has earned him the nickname of “Puppet Master”.


    Brett has played and toured with artists such as Korn, Marilyn Manson, Five Finger Death Punch, Rammstein, Papa Roach, Hoobastank, Hollywood Undead, KMFDM, Fishbone, GWAR, Misfits and more!

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    2001 - 2017​​​​

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    (Founding Member)

    1989 - 1999

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    2016 - 2017

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    2000 - Present

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    2016 - Present

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    (Guest Vocals)




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    Vibrater, New Era Of Terror (2017)

    broken image

    KREEP, Spooky Chick (2003)

    broken image

    BILE, Biledegradable (1997)

    broken image

    BILE, Mortal Kombat (1995)

    broken image

    KREEP, Lead Us Not (2011)

    broken image

    BILE, Sex Reflex (2000)

    broken image

    BILE, Tekno Whore (1996)

    broken image

    BILE, Suck Pump (1994)

    broken image

    KREEP, Carpetride (2003)

    broken image

    BILE, Dee Snider’s Strangeland (1998)

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    BILE, The Darkbeat EP (1996)


    Trusted and proven expertise and experience in Guitar, Bass, Drum and Keyboard Tech, as well as Stage Manager and Stage Hand for bands, artists and major events.

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    Guitar & Bass Tech

    2000 - 2019

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    Stage Manager

    1992 - 1999

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    Guitar, Bass and Keyboard Tech

    2017 - Present

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    Drum Tech

    1999 - 2000

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    Desert Entertainment (Las Vegas)

    Stagehand UFC, Latin GRAMMYs, Various Concerts, etc

    2002 - 2014

    Tesla (the Band)


    Bass Tech

    2019 - Present


    Providing video production, bespoke/custom handmade puppet creation and other services to clients. Some of them include.

    Skid Row
    Deen Castronovo
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    If you are interesting in working with one of Brett’s bands, tapping his musical talents, need experience on your Tech & Crew team, or want to leverage the puppet or video talents of 4King Video, then please contact us.

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